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The Copyright Commandments

  • Physical items
    • Do not copy
      • from “consumables” (lab manuals, workbooks, music theory workbooks).
      • to substitute for the purchase of the book from which you are copying.
      • the same materials year after year.
    • Do not charge students beyond the actual cost of copying.
  • Digital items
    • Do not scan images that you do not own or license and post to the Web without permission
    • Do not incorporate copied Web material into a new Web page and then distribute it.
    • Do not distribute, adapt or make additional copies of emails without permission.
    • Do not repost photos that don’t belong to you on social media without asking and giving credit.
    • Do not post video, audio or images of other people without gaining their permission and giving credit.
  • Performance Rights
    • Do not show audio-visual materials without an appropriate institutional license, and by excerpting correctly for an instructional venue.
    • Do not perform a copyrighted work without a license, permission of the copyright owner and proper payment of royalties.

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