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Welcome to Story Library: Check-out Policies

Access Story Library's online catalog, database and eBook collections, interlibrary loan and ArkLink card applications, and tips for better research!

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Borrowing library materials

To borrow materials from Story Library, you should present:

  • your student ID, if you are a student
  • CBC students may check out up to twelve (12) items at one time.
  • your ArkLink card, plus your student ID from your college/university, if you are using the ArkLink borrowing system
  • your driver's license or identification card, if you are a community borrower

Materials should be borrowed from and returned to Story Library.

Patrons are responsible for all transactions on their accounts.

If you are interested in Interlibrary Loan borrowing (reciprocal borrowing), please visit the InterLibrary Loan page.

Renewing library materials

Here at Story Library, we understand that you may need your library materials longer than the initial loan period of one month.

Story Library's Renewal Policy is as follows--

  • You may renew materials once.
  • If you wish to check out these same materials beyond the first renewal, you will have to return them to the library for a 24-hour reshelving period.
  • Story Library reserves the right to recall any item that has been renewed beyond it's one-month initial loan period due to another patron's request.
  • Interlibrary Loan materials will be renewed once--this policy applies both to materials that Story Library has loaned to other libraries and has borrowed for our patrons.


Story Library does not charge fines for overdue materials.

Books not returned by the end of the semester will be considered lost, and charges will be assessed according to the policy for lost books.

Lost Materials

Lost/Damaged Items: the patron must pay for any lost or seriously damaged item that is checked out in his/her name.

Charges: the minimum charge for a lost or damaged item is $60.00.  The actual cost will depend on the cost and condition of the item.  If an item that has been paid for is later found, the library director may decline to accept the item and allow the charge to stand, or accept the item and refund half of the charge paid.  The choice will be at the discretion of the library director. 

The patron may NOT buy a copy of the item and return it as a replacement for the lost or damaged item.


Text your questions to a CBC librarian at (501) 218-8509

On the weekends, response times from Story Librarians may be delayed. Thank you for your patience.


(Image is a QR code of the Text-A-Librarian phone number)