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Welcome to Story Library: State Libraries

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My state has a state library? What?

Yes, your state has a state library agency. It is part of your state government and supports the legislature with their research needs as well as providing support for libraries, public and private, across your state.

In addition, most state library agencies are open to the public--this means you. They offer all types of media, i.e. books, government documents, and electronic resources, for you to use. This includes database access.

The list to your right provides links to every state library agency. Some provide direct access to databases, while others provide library directories, so that you can locate your local library to use their resources. 

Please remember that your local public library provides a wealth of resources to you in every form of media available!

If you have questions, please contact your state library agency, your local public library, or us.

State Libraries--resources, library directories, & access information