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American Nation 2: Guided Topic Research - Dawes Act

Assigned Topic

Dr. Bender assigned the following topic to me:

The Dawes Act

1st Steps

What is the Dawes Act? 

2nd Step: Part 1

What is my historical question/problem? (we could work on two, potentially - see Parts 3 and 4.)

2nd Step: Part 2

How to identify search terms for databases now? Dawes Act is actually "Dawes Act of 1887" AND five tribes is "five civilized tribes."

Search for articles combining these 2 subject phrases ("Dawes Act of 1887" AND "five civilized tribes").

2nd Step: Part 3

Question 1: "How did the Dawes Act directly affect the Native American tribes that were actively engaged with the confederacy during the American Civil War?"

(If you don't like question 1, look at Part 4.)

2nd Step: Part 4

OR, Question 2: "What effect did the Dawes Act have on tribal sovereignty during the post-Civil War era?" 

Where to Start with Your History Research Topic

  • Research steps (paraphrased from Rael's Guide)
    • 1st step: find a historical question worth answering (usually by reading secondary sources to gain knowledge of subject)
    • 2nd step: once question is identified, primary historical sources should be identified that address the question asked.
    • 3rd step: once primary sources are found, one must read to understand, then collate information into a format that is accessible and that indicates a gaining of knowledge and a solution to the initial problem/question asked. 

Government Resources

Other Resource Options