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Human Sexuality--Sex Education Project: Section 3

Dr. Aaron New's human sexuality course--Sex Education Project (assignment)

Section 3

Sex Education in Church (20 points)

This is a research section.  Follow these instructions:

(1)    Go to the Story Library homepage (click link below).

(2)   Go to StorySearch (click link below). 

(3)   Enter “sex education” AND “church” as your initial search terms.

(4)   Checkmark "full-text" and "scholarly" boxes.

(5)    Click Search. 

(6)    You need to search ONLY religion-specific databases; watch the Prezi to learn how.

(7)    Select several appropriate articles to read about sex education in churches.

After your research, summarize and synthesize your findings in 2-3 pages.  Consider questions like these:  What are churches doing the help education children and youth regarding sex?  What should they be doing?  How should they do it?  What are the advantages / disadvantages of sex education in a church setting?  

The Librarian Suggests -

Remember that you will have new search terms for this section. 

For this search, consider using ATLA Religion Database (use link below) to find articles.

Using StorySearch for articles

Prezi tutorial (click through to watch)--how to use StorySearch for articles on "sex education in schools."