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General Pharmacology: Search Terms for Pharmacology

Guide for BIO 4320 General Pharmacology class.

Searching Tips

  • These terms can be used for searching via the Online Catalog or the databases
  • When searching databases and the catalog, it's best to be as specific as possible. If you don't return any hits with a specific search, be more general.
  • When combining search terms, use only one search term PER BOX.
  • Not having any success and can't think of any more search terms? ASK-A-LIBRARIAN!

Search Terms for General Pharmacology

Recommended Search Terms for the catalog and research databases: (combine using AND, OR, NOT in the Advanced Search box)

Pharmacology                                      Psychopharmacology

Developmental pharmacology                Toxicology

Pharmacology, experimental                 Biotechnology

Clinical pharmacology                           Drugs

Molecular pharmacology                        Pharmacists

Drug development                                 Pharmacy

Drug resistance                                    Biopharmaceutics