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Social Problems, SOC3310: Research Paper Resources

This guide will help you find resources for your research paper for Mr. Gomez's Social Problems class.

Acccording to your syllabus...

These are some suggested topics you might select:

  • Problems of illness
  • Health Care
  • Alcohol or other drug use
  • Crime
  • Social Control
  • Family Problems
  • Poverty
  • Economic inequality
  • Work and unemployment
  • Gender inequality
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Immigration
  • Population Growth
  • Urbanization
  • Environmental Issues
  • Science and technology
  • Conflict, War, Terrorism

Your paper needs to discuss "the issues and current research that surrounds a topic of interest relevatn to the understanding of social problems." It should be 7 to 9 pages long and you need between 9 and 15 academic sources.

Finding Articles/Finding Databases by Title

Begin your search for articles here! Use Story Search to find articles on your topic. Once you find an article you can print them off, email them to yourself, or save them to your computer.

For a more focused search, you can view the complete listing of our Research Databases and choose a database based on your topic. 

You Need Books!

A well-balanced research paper will include both article and book resources. To learn how to find books in our library, continue onto the next tab!