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Theology III (THE 3313-01): Search Terms & Databases

Dr. Porter's Systematic Theology 3 course

What do I do with these words?

Use these terms to search effectively Google, Bing,, etc., and the suggested general knowledge/information websites under the Online Resources by Topic tab.

For assistance, schedule a visit with or Ask/Text-A-Librarian.

Suggested search terms (supplied by Dr. Porter)

Systematic theology




Bible AND Canon

Bible AND Canonicity

Bible AND Inspiration

Bible AND Revelation

Bible AND Inerrancy

Bible Translations

Bible AND Prophecy

Bible AND Archaeology

Bible AND Science

Origin of Church

Nature of Church

Bible AND Baptism

Lord's Supper

Bible AND Communion

Church Discipline

Church Membership

Church Succession

Church History

Bible AND Church History

Bible AND Death

Bible AND Second Coming

Bible AND Rapture

Bible AND Partial Rapture

Bible AND Midtribulational Rapture

Bible AND Posttribulational Rapture

Bible AND Pretribulational Rapture

Bible AND Millenialism

Bible AND Amillenialism

Bible AND Postmillenialism

Bible AND Premillenialism

Bible AND Preterism



Bible AND Resurrection

Bible AND Judgment Seat of Christ

Judgment Seat of Christ

Bible AND Judgment of the Nations

Judgment of the Nations

Bible AND Great White Throne Judgment

Great White Throne Judgment

Bible AND Antichrist

Bible AND (New Heavens and New Earth)

Did you know?

A database is an "electronic collection of research materials, usually journal, magazine, and newspaper article, but also ebooks, images, and video."

--from University of Notre Dame Australia Library website, accessed 11/16/11

  • Databases contain journal articles, images, video/audio clips, abstracts/summaries, eBooks, etc.
  • You can email, save, and/or print most database items.
  • Most databases will generate citations in your preferred format!