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This guide contains links and descriptions to resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

Technology in the Classroom

In today's classroom, technology is recognized as a tool of instruction, not as a subject of instruction. Educators should be more familiar with technology than their students so they can adequately teach them the skills they will need. Technology training should begin in elementary school. Teachers need to be familiar with using Smartboard, Powerpoint, projectors, scanners, mobile devices, laptops, digital cameras (including video), smartphones, apps, icloud drives, Google drive (such as Google Classroom) and the Internet.

In addition to teaching students how to use these things, educators should learn how to utlize Internet resources as a freely available resource. With budget limitations, learning how to use and find good resources on the web is more important than ever!

The Story Library has lots of devices on which you can practice technology. We have Chromebooks, a GoPro camera, iPads, Samsung Tablets, a digital camera and some Apple TVs that you can check out and learn how to use. We also have three Smartboards in the library that you can use any time!

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