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Educational Technology: Evaluating Technology

Technology Evaluation

Questions to Consider

  • For what age group(s) is the technology appropriate?
  • How would a teacher incorporate the technology into the classroom?
  • Does this technology allow you to do something you were unable to do in the past?
  • Does the technology address more than one learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)?
  • Does the technology allow for progress monitoring of multiple users?
  • Can student data be sent to the teacher or parent via email?
  • How much instruction will need to be provided on use of the technology?
  • Will the technology meet the needs of all students in the class or will it be used with a specific subgroup?
  • Does the technology provide enough positive reinforcement to hold the interest of the students?
  • Does the technology encourage the use of higher order thinking skills including creating, evaluating, and analyzing?

Content-Based Technology





Curriculum Connection: Are skills reinforced connected to targeted skills or concepts?




Authenticity: Are skills practiced in an authentic format/problem-based environment?




Feedback: Is feedback specific and results in improved student performance?




Differentiation: Does the technology offer flexibility to alter settings to meet student needs?




User friendliness: Can students open and navigate the tech independently or successfully with teacher guidance?




Student Motivation: Are students motivated to use the tech and select it to use often?




Reporting: Is assessment/summary data available to the student/teacher?




Sound: Does the music/sound add to the educational aspects of the content?




Instructions: Are the included instructions helpful for the student?




Support page: Does the tech’s supporting web page provide useful information?




Evaluation criteria adapted from resources on Kathy Shrock’s iPad App Evaluation guides