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Comp II -Sebourn: Annotated Bibliographies

The guide is for students in Ms. Sebourn's Comp II class who are working on an annotated bilbiography.


Bibliography n : a list of sources (books, articles, etc.) used when researching a topic.

Annotation n : a note that describes, explains, or comments on something.

A annotated bibliography is a list of sources, presented in a standard format, that contains a summary and/or evaluation of each source.

Parts of a Annotated Bibliography

Reference - the source you are using, written in a standardized format. Types and sources may vary, but you should generally be looking for:

  •    Articles from peer-reviewed journals
  •    Books or book chapters
  •    Authoritative websites

Annotation - A summary or evaluation of each source that demonstrates understanding of the source and that prepares you to build a strong case in your own paper. Every annotation should:

  •    Describe the source
  •    Define the value of the source
  •    Demonstrate credibilty

Example of an Annotated Bibliography