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Marketing Research: Search Terms

Archived Guide: Marketing Research Course--class project

Database Terms

Search terms to use while conducting a StorySearch for full-text, peer-reviewed articles:

  • Newspapers AND Decline
  • Newspapers AND Decline AND Market trend/market analysis
  • Newspapers AND Survival
  • Future of newspapers
  • Print media AND Future
  • Print media AND Digital media
  • Print media AND Digital media AND survival
  • Journalism AND Future
  • Journalism AND Internet
  • Newspapers -- social aspects
  • Newspaper publishing -- management
  • Newspaper publishin -- finance

Internet Terms

Words and phrases Librarians used while conducting a Google search for information on this project.

  • Will newspapers survive?
  • Decline of newspapers
  • Decline of newspapers statistics
  • Print media survival
  • Will newspapers survive the internet?
  • How can newspapers survive?
  • Newspapers vs. the Internet
  • Newspaper survival
  • Local newspaper survival