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Neuroscience Resource Guide: Ethical & Religious Issues

Dr. Smith's Spring 2015 course

Ethical & Religious Issues in Stem Cell Research

The ethical and religious issues involved in the use of embryonic stem cells can be tracked in two ways. One is the finding books and articles; the other is by tracking public statements on the issue.

Finding Articles:  ATLA Religion Database, the premier Religion database with full-text articles - use terms like stem cells or biomedical research.

Finding Opinions:

Many opinions are expressed on this topic with varying viewpoints. These can be found through articles in the databases listed above and elsewhere in this guide. They also can be found in News sources like those listed under the "Neuroscience in the News" tab.

Many opinions expressed by organizations or individuals can be found on their websites. Be sure to identify the ideology of the sponsoring body or individual opinion behind any one statement on the World Wide Web.